Ph.D., M.A., B.A. University of Michigan


Edward Armfield Sr. Professor of English, Davidson College. Faculty Liaison for the Ethnic Studies Interdisciplinary Minor with Tracks in Africana, Latin American, and Native American Studies (1999 to 2009; 2011-2012; 2013-2016). Subjects taught include Creative Writing, African American Literature—including several senior seminars on Poetics of Relation-- Caribbean Literature, World Literatures, Colonial/Postcolonial Literatures, Expository Writing, Literary Theory. Direct Honors theses in creative writing, screen writing and drama. 


In June 2019 Dr. Flanagan served as a Fulbright Specialist in Almaty, Kazakhstan where she taught participants the art of creating compelling syllabi for courses in American Studies. She also introduced participants to major Native American writers, major African American writers, and the work of Nina Simone. Flanagan also conducted small classes in creative writing. Prior to the start of the Fulbright Program in American Studies, she delivered several lectures at universities and libraries around Almaty. 

In December 2017 Dr. Flanagan was invited to be the Plenary Speaker at the University of Tunis, El Manar, in Tunis, Tunisia. While in Tunis, the American Embassy commissioned her to conduct several lectures on African American Poetry and Creative Writing.

In 2016   Dr.  Flanagan’s essay, Unspeakable Things Still  Unspoken, about her  family’s silence over the death of her brother from AIDS, received special recognition from the judges of the prestigious Notting Hill Essay Contest, London, England.